How to design and make a Dinosaur Theme Park?

Dinosaurs have been extincted for hundreds of millions years, but as the former overlord of the earth, they are still charming for us. With the popularity of cultural tourism, some scenic spots want to add dinosaur items, such as dinosaur parks, but they don’t know how to work. Today, Kawah Dinosaur will introduce the design and produce of the dinosaur theme park.

2 how to design and produce a dinosaur theme park

1. Planning and design.
Small dinosaur parks don’t need to be designed, just need to plan the number of the simulation dinosaurs. But the large-scale dinosaur parks need to be designed, and a reasonable layout will bring investors greater passenger flow and higher income. Simulation dinosaur production companies usually use PS or 3DMax to design dinosaur theme parks for customers.

3 how to design and produce a dinosaur theme park
2. Producing dinosaur models.
When the design is confirmed, all the dinosaurs and supporting facilities will be listed and commercialized. After the final decision, the simulation dinosaur production can be carried out. The production period depends on the quantities, and the approximate production time plus transportation usually is 25-50 days. The installation needs to be determined according to the topography of the site. If there is a crane on the side of the road, it will be very fast. If the construction machinery cannot reach the installation location, the installation time will be longer.

4 how to design and produce a dinosaur theme park
3. Debugging and repairing.
After the simulation dinosaur is installed, it still needs to be debugged and repaired. It maybe damage during transportation and installation process. After the installation is completed, it needs to be repaired. At the same time, the dinosaur models need to be debugged according to the needs of customers, such as movement time, start up mode, etc.

5 how to design and produce a dinosaur theme park
4. After-sales maintenance.
Since the simulated dinosaurs are non-standard handicraft products, it may have some faults sometimes, but don’t worry, we have many years of experience in the design and production of dinosaur theme parks. Based on over 10 years experience, our company has been very handy with facility, what problems will occur and how to deal with them. However, under normal circumstances, there is no human damage and the failure rate is not high, but it will be affected by the environment. For example, if it is wet in the rainy season, dinosaurs may have problems.

6 how to design and produce a dinosaur theme park
Kawah Dinosaur Company will make appropriate “tailor-made clothes” according to the different ideas and needs of different customers, and can provide several years of after-sales quality assurance services to make every customer satisfy.

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Post time: Apr-10-2022