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Zigong KaWah Handicrafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Kawah dinosaur is a professional animatronic products manufacturer with more than 12 years of experience. We provide technical consultation, creative design, product production, a full set of shipping plans, installation, and maintenance services. We aim to help our worldwide clients to build Jurassic parks, dinosaur parks, zoos, museums, exhibitions, and theme activities and bring them unique entertainment experiences.

Kawah dinosaur factory covers an area of over 13,000 square meters and has employees more than 100 people including engineers, designers, technicians, sales teams, after-sale service, and installation teams. We produce more than 300 pieces of dinosaurs annually in 30 countries.  Our products passed ISO:9001 and CE certification, which can meet indoor, outdoor and special use environments according to requirements. Regular products include animatronic models of dinosaurs, animals, dragons, and insects, dinosaur costumes and rides, dinosaur skeleton replicas, fiberglass products, and so on.

Warmly welcome all the partners to join us for mutual benefits and cooperation!

Why choose Kawah Dinosaur?


  • Self-owned dinosaur factory, no intermediaries are involved, most competitive price to save you costs. Kawah dinosaur could provide you with design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sale services one-stop shopping experience.


  • Kawah Dinosaur Factory can customize any animatronic model, you just need to provide pictures and videos. Our advantages are simulation model detail processing, skin texture processing, stable control system, and strict quality inspection.


  • We have designed 100+ dinosaur exhibitions, theme dino parks, and other projects, with 500+ customers worldwide, which are very popular with local tourists. We have won the trust of many customers and established long-term business relations with them.


  • We will track your products throughout entire process and provide you with the processing feedback. We will send a professional team to assist with the installation as you need and repair the product in a quality guarantee period at any time.



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