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Main Products

All products can be customized according to your requirements

Animatronic Dinosaurs

Animatronic dinosaur model factory, customized dinosaurs, and dragons with sizes 1-30 meters long.

Dinosaur Costumes

Attractive realistic dinosaur costume for dinosaur park, easy control, lighter weight.

Animatronic Animals

Animatronic animal model for zoo park, size 1-20 meters long custom with movements.

Skeleton Replicas

Museum quality simulation skull and bone replica of dinosaurs and animals.

Marine Animals

Animatronic marine animals including sharks, fish, octopus for ocean park and water park.

Talking Tree

Animatronic talking tree customized, can speak many languages and make movements.

Custom Models

Custom animatronic models, only need a picture, highly simulated creative products.

Animatronic Insects

Animatronic insects for theme park, including spider, butterfly, ladybird and ant.

Supporting Services

We are pleased to provide you with the following services


Theme Park Design

Kawah Dinosaur has extensive experience in park projects, including dinosaur parks, Jurassic Parks, ocean parks, amusement parks, zoos, and various indoor and outdoor commercial exhibition activities. We design a unique dinosaur world based on our customers' needs and provide a full range of services.


· In terms of site conditions, we comprehensively consider factors such as the surrounding environment, transportation convenience, climate temperature, and site size to provide guarantees for the park's profitability, budget, number of facilities, and exhibition details.

· In terms of attraction layout, we classify and display dinosaurs according to their species, ages, and categories, and focus on viewing and interactivity, providing a wealth of interactive activities to enhance the entertainment experience.

· In terms of exhibit production, we have accumulated many years of manufacturing experience and provide you with competitive exhibits through continuous improvement of production processes and strict quality standards.

· In terms of exhibition design, we provide services such as dinosaur scene design, advertising design, and supporting facility design to help you create an attractive and interesting park.

· In terms of supporting facilities, we design various scenes, including dinosaur landscapes, simulated plant decorations, creative products and lighting effects, etc. to create a real atmosphere and increase the fun of tourists.

After-sales Service

The most timely and intimate 24-hour after-sales service to escort you for your exclusive custom products lifetime



Installation and commissioning of products to ensure normal operation.

Technical Guidance

Technical Guidance

Technical guidance and training to ensure worry-free daily maintenance.



Repair the product in a quality guarantee period at any time and provide spare parts for life.

 Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Remote assistance for quick handling if there are malfunctions.

 Return Visits

Return Visits

Return visits by mail/call regularly and looking forward to your suggestion.



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