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Customize Unique Animatronic Model

Kawah Dinosaur is a professional manufacturer of realistic animatronic model products with over 10 years of experience. One of the company's core strengths is custom-designed realistic models, and we can customize almost all types of animatronic models, such as dinosaurs in various poses, land animals, marine animals, cartoon characters, movie characters, etc.

If you have a special design idea or already have a photo or video as a reference, we can customize unique animatronic model products according to your needs. We use high-quality raw materials that meet international standards to produce simulated models, including steel, brushless motors, reducers, control systems, high-density sponges, silicone, and more. In the production process, we attach great importance to communication with customers to ensure their confirmation and satisfaction with the details. Our production team has rich experience, so please contact us to start customizing your unique animatronic products!

Theme Park Ancillary Products

The product line for Kawah Dinosaurs is very rich. We can customize a variety of supporting products for dinosaur parks, theme parks, amusement parks, etc. Whether it's a large-scale theme park or a small amusement park, suitable products can be selected according to their own needs. Theme park ancillary products include animatronic dinosaur eggs, dinosaur slides, dinosaur trash cans, park entrances, dinosaur benches, fiberglass volcanoes, cartoon dinosaurs, cartoon characters, corpse flowers, colorful light decorations, simulated plant decorations, Halloween and Christmas animatronic models, and more.

Animatronic Talking Tree



Talking Tree is a wise tree with life in mythological stories. The Animatronic Talking Tree product produced by Kawah Dinosaur has a realistic and cute appearance that can perform simple movements such as blinking, smiling, and shaking its branches. It uses a steel frame and a brushless motor for smoother movements. High-density sponge covers to ensure a realistic appearance, while hand-carved textures enrich the details of the tree. In addition, we can also customize talking trees of different sizes, types, and colors according to customer needs.

By inputting audio, the talking tree can play music or various languages. With its adorable appearance and fluent movements, it can easily attract the attention of many tourists and children, quickly increasing business popularity. This is also why talking tree products are highly favored by businesses. Currently, Kawah's talking tree products are exported to the United States, Russia, Romania, Peru, South Africa, India, and other places, and have been widely used in theme parks, ocean parks, commercial exhibitions, and amusement parks. If you are looking for an innovative product to increase the popularity of your park, the animatronic talking tree is your best choice. Whether you are opening a theme park or a commercial exhibition, it can bring unexpected results!


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