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Kawah Dinosaur Related Certificates

As the product is the base of an enterprise, Kawah Dinosaur always puts product quality first place. We strictly select the materials and control every production process and 19 testing procedures. All products will be made for aging test over 24 hours after the dinosaur frame and finished products are finished. The products' video and pictures will be sent to customers after we finish the three steps: dinosaur frame, Artistic shaping, and finished products. And products are only sent to customers when we get the customer's confirmation at least three times.
Raw materials & products all reach related industry standards and acquire related Certificates(CE,TUV.SGS)


Product Quality Inspection

We attach great importance to the quality and reliability of our products, and we have always adhered to strict quality inspection standards and processes throughout the production process.

1 Kawah Dinosaur Product quality inspection

Check Welding Point

* Check whether each welding point of the steel frame structure is firm to ensure the stability and safety of the product.

2 Kawah Dinosaur Product quality inspection

Check Movement Range

* Check whether the movement range of the model reaches the specified range to improve the functionality and user experience of the product.

3 Kawah Dinosaur Product quality inspection

Check Motor Running

* Check whether the motor, reducer, and other transmission structures are running smoothly to ensure the performance and service life of the product.

4 Kawah Dinosaur Product quality inspection

Check Modeling Detail

* Check whether the details of the shape meet the standards, including appearance similarity, glue level flatness, color saturation, etc.

5 Kawah Dinosaur Product quality inspection

Check Product Size

* Check whether the product size meets the requirements, which is also one of the key indicators of quality inspection.

6 Kawah Dinosaur Product quality inspection

Check Aging Test

* The aging test of a product before leaving the factory is an important step in ensuring product reliability and stability.

High Quality Material Selection - Steel

Kawah Steel Frame Selection

Welded Pipe
The welded pipe is the main material of the simulation model and is widely used in the trunk part of the product keel head, body, tail, etc., with more specifications and models, and higher cost performance.

Seamless Steel Pipe
Seamless steel tubes are mainly used in the chassis of the products and the load-bearing parts such as limbs. The strength is higher, the service life is longer, and the cost is higher than the welded pipe.

Seamless Steel Pipe
Stainless steel tubes are mainly used in products such as dinosaur holsters and hand-held dinosaurs, which are easy to shape and do not need to be rust-proof.

High Quality Material Selection - Motor

Kawah Motor Selection

Brushed Wiper Motor
The wiper motor is mainly used in car wipers, but also for most of the simulation products, it can be selected fast and slow two kinds of speed (only in the factory improvement, usually slow), the service life is 10-15 years.

Brushless Motor
Brushless motor is mainly used for large stage walking dinosaur products and the special requirements of the customers. The brushless motor is composed of the main motor and the driver. It has the characteristics of brushless, low interference, small volume, low noise, strong power, and smooth running. The infinitely variable speed can change the running speed of the product at any time by adjusting the driver.

Stepper Motor
The stepper motor has higher running accuracy than the brushless motor, and the start-stop and reverse responses are also better. But the cost is also higher than that of the stepping motor. Usually, the brushless motor can meet all the requirements.

High Quality Material Selection - High-density Sponge

Kawah Foam Sponge Selection

High-Density Sponge
The high-density sponge is basically suitable for shaping all the simulated products. Usually, the density of the sponge used by our company is 25-40 (the density usually refers to the weight of the sponge per cubic meter), the hand feels soft and soft, and the tensile force is strong. The rebound rate is over 99%.

High-Density Flame Retardant Sponge
High-density flame-retardant sponge is also called a fireproof sponge. Its sponge has the same characteristics as a high-density sponge, but it has a flame-retardant effect. The sponge does not produce open flames when it is burning. At the same time, it is a closed cell with better sound insulation (since the output voltage of the product is only 24 volts, it will not ignite spontaneously even with ordinary high-density sponges).

Process optimization-Rust prevention, Skin color protection

Kawah Steel Rust Prevention

Anti-rust treatment

After the keel is finished and the motor and circuit are installed, we will spray anti-rust paint. Our anti-rust paint is the domestic first-line brand Bardez, Our paintings are three times, 360 degrees without dead angle painting to ensure that the keel will not rust in 5-8 years of use. At the same time, customers can choose galvanized pipe as the main material of the keel. The rust-proof time of the galvanized pipe is longer, and the rust-proof time is usually 10-15 years (Fig. 1 is not used for rust prevention, Figure 2 is rust-proof treatment, and Figure 3 is galvanized pipe material).

Kawah Skin Color Protection

Skin color protection

The main color of the skin is to mix paint or propylene with silica gel,  and after dilution, we will art color the skin. Since most of the products are used outdoors, they are affected by the weather,  temperature, and natural environment. After 3 years, the color will gradually dull (not fade ),  which will affect the beauty. In order to prevent this situation, our product has 2-3 layers of protective paint on the surface of the product after finishing a painting. After drying,  it forms a protective layer, which can effectively protect the skin color. At the same time, the color of our products is also brighter.

Process optimization-Movement, Sound diversity

Process optimization-Movement, sound diversity
The traditional product only has one set control program and sound effects.
While, our product can customize over two sets of the control program and two or three sound effects, which makes all products have diverse movements and sound at different times and occasions. Multiple sets of action programs refer that after changing the control chip and sound storage card, movements and sound will be different, such as movement sequence, products' movement frequency and movement time(movement speed is still the same), sound effect, and adjustable volume. The chip and card can be used when plugged in, so customers can replace them if needed.

Kawah Dinosaur Control Box



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