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Dinosaur Rides

Animatronic Dinosaur Ride Features

Mechanical Dinosaur Kid Rides Triceratops

* Highly simulated skin textures

We need realistic dinosaur motion and control techniques, as well as realistic body shape and skin touch effects. We made animatronic dinosaur with high density soft foam and silicon rubber, giving them the real look and feel.

Indoor Playground Dinosaur Rides

* Better interactive entertainment and learning experience

We are committed to offer entertainment experiences products. Visitors are eager to experience the wide range of dinosaur themed entertainment products.

Coin Operated Dinosaur Ride Car

* Can be disassembled and installed for repeated use

The animatronic dinosaurs can be disassembled and installed many times, Kawah installation team will be sent for you to assist install at site.


Size: From 2m to 8 m long, other size is also available. Net Weight: Determined by the size of dinosaur (eg: 1 set 3m long T-rex weighs close to 170kg).
Accessories: Control box, Speaker, Fiberglass rock, Infrared sensor etc. Lead Time:15-30 days or depends on quantity after payment.
Power: 110/220V, 50/60hz or customized without extra charge. Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set.
After Service: 12 Months after installation. Control Mode: Infrared sensor, Remote control, Token coin operated, Button, Touch sensing, Automatic, Customized etc.
Color: Any color is available.
Movements: 1.Eyes blinking.2. Mouth open and close.3. Head moving.4. Arms moving.5. Stomach breathing.6. Tail swaying.7. Tongue Move.8. Voice.9. Water spray.10. Smoke spray.
Usage: Dino park, Dinosaur world, Dinosaur exhibition, Amusement park, Theme park, Museum, Playground, City plaza, Shopping mall, Indoor/outdoor venues.
Main Materials: High density foam, National standard steel frame, Silicon rubber, Motors.
Shipping: We accept land, air, sea transport and international multimodal transport. Land + sea (cost-effective), Air (transport timeliness and stability).
Notice: Slight differences between the objects and the pictures because of hand made products.

Animatronic Dinosaur Ride Video

Animatronic Dinosaur Ride Display

T Rex Ride Customized

Kiddie Dinosaur Ride

Main Materials

The main components and materials used in production High Simulation Dinosaur Ride


Animatronic Dinosaur Ride Accessories

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