Happy Land Water Park, Yueyang, China

Yueyang Happy Land Water Park
Yueyang Happy Land Water Park Seal Model

Dinosaurs for Happy Land water park is designed to add more elements to this water park, the perfect fusion of ancient creatures and modern technology, combined with beautiful scenery and various water amusement equipment. Creating a more novel, unique, thrilling, ecological water leisure capital for tourist.

kawah dinosaur water park showcase 1

Total of 18 scenes, 34 animatronic models, divided into three groups installed in every corner of the park. Dinosaur group: Tyrannosaurus fighting, Stegosaurus foraging, pterosaurs and other scenes, vividly restore hundreds of millions of years ago dinosaur survival scene.

kawah dinosaur water park showcase 2
kawah dinosaur water park showcase 3
kawah dinosaur water park showcase 4

Interactive dinosaur group: riding dinosaurs, egg dinosaurs, simulation control dinosaurs can swipe the consumer interaction with visitors. Animal insect group: giant spider, centipede, scorpion and other products to stimulate the senses of tourists, to experience another natural masterpiece.

Yueyang Talking Tree Model
Yueyang Penguins Model Happy Land Water Park


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