Customized Outdoor Kids Dinosaur Slide Safety for Sale

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Model Number: PA-1978
Scientific Name: Kids Dinosaur Slide
Product Style: Customization
Size: 1-10 Meters long
Color: Any color is available
After Service: 12 Months after installation
Payment Term: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Credit Card
Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set
Lead Time: 15-30 days

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Zigong KaWah Handicrafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Kawah Company Profile

We are a hi-tech enterprise that gathers the functions of designing, development, production, sale,installation and maintenance for products, such as: electric simulation models,interactive science and education, themed entertainment and so on. Main products include animatronic dinosaur models, dinosaur rides, animatronic animals, marine animal products..

Over 10 years export experience, we have more than 100 employees in the company, including engineers, designers, technicians, the sales teams, after-sale service and the installation teams.
We produce more than 300 pieces dinosaur annually to 30 countries. After Kawah Dinosaur’s hard work and perseverant exploration, our company has researched more than 10 products with independent intellectual property rights in just five years, and we are stand out from the industry, which let us feel proud and confident. With the concept of “quality and innovation”, we have become one of the largest manufacturers and exporters in the industry.

years export experience
More than
Produce more than
dinosaur annually to 30 countries
independent intellectual property
More Than
square feet of factory

Kawah Team


Our company aspires to attract talents and set up a professional team.  Now there are 100 employees in the company, including engineers, designers, technicians, the sales teams, after-sale service and the installation teams.  A large team can provide a copywriting of the overall project aiming at the customer’s specific situation, which include market assessment, theme creation, product designed, medium publicity and so on, and we also include some services like designing the effect of the scene, circuit design, mechanical action design, software development,  the after-sale of product installation at the same time.


Ten years of industry experience allows us to enter the overseas market while focusing on the domestic market. Zigong KaWah Handicrafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has independent trade and export rights, and its products are exported to Europe and the United States such as Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Romania, Austria, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Hungary, and Asia such as South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia , African regions such as South Africa, more than 40 countries. More and more partners trust and choose us, we will jointly create more and more realistic dinosaur and animal worlds, create higher-quality entertainment venues and theme parks, and provide higher-quality products for more tourists.

Kawah factory partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the animatronic model be used outside?

All of our products can be used outdoors. The skin of the animatronic model is waterproof and can be used normally in rainy days and high temperature weather. Our products are available in hot places such as Brazil, Indonesia, and cold places such as Russia, Canada, etc. Under normal circumstances, the life of our products is about 5-7 years, if there is no human damage, 8-10 years can also be used.

What are the starting methods for the animatronic model?

There are usually five starting methods for animatronic models: infrared sensor, remote controller start, coin-operated start, voice control, and button start. Under normal circumstances, our default method is infrared sensing, the sensing distance is 8-12 meters, and the angle is 30 degrees. If the customer needs to add other methods such as remote control, it can also be noted to our sales in advance.

How long can the dinosaur ride run once after fully charged?

It takes about 4-6 hours to charge the dinosaur ride, and it can run for about 2-3 hours after being fully charged. The electric dinosaur ride can run for about two hours when it is fully charged. And it can run about 40-60 times for 6 minutes each time.

What is the maximum load capacity of the dinosaur ride?

The standard walking dinosaur (L3m) and the riding dinosaur (L4m) can load about 100 kg, and the product size changes, and the load capacity will also change.
The load capacity of the electric dinosaur ride is within 100 kg.

How long will it take to receive the models after placing the order?

The delivery time is determined by the production time and shipping time.
After placing the order, we will arrange production after the deposit payment is received. The production time is determined by the size and quantity of the model. Because the models are all hand-made, the production time will be relatively long. For example, it takes about 15 days to make three 5-meter-long animatronic dinosaurs, and about 20 days for ten 5-meter-long dinosaurs.
The shipping time is determined according to the actual transportation method selected. The time required in different countries is different and is determined according to the actual situation.

How do I pay?

In general, our payment method is: 40% deposit for the purchase of raw materials and production models. Within one week of the end of production, customer needs to pay 60% of the balance. After all payment is settled, we will deliver the products. If you have other requirements, you can discuss with our sales.

How about the packaging and shipping of the product?

The packaging of the product is generally bubble film. The bubble film is to prevent the product from being damaged due to extrusion and impact during transportation. Other accessories are packed in cartons box. If the number of products is not enough for a whole container, LCL is usually selected, and in other cases, the whole container is selected. During transportation, we will purchase insurance according to customer requirements to ensure the safety of product transportation.

Is the skin of the simulated dinosaur easily damaged?

The skin of the animatronic dinosaur is similar in texture to human skin, softer, but elastic. If there is no deliberate damage by sharp objects, usually the skin will not be damaged.

Is the animatronic dinosaur fireproof?

The materials of the simulated dinosaurs are mainly sponge and silicone glue, which do not have fireproof function. Therefore, it is necessary to keep away from fire and pay attention to safety during use.

Customer Comments

We are committed to providing you with the best products and services, our aim is : "To exchange your trust and support with service and empressement to create a win-win situation”.

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