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Theme Park Dinosaur Robot for Santiago Forest Park

Santiago is the largest city and capital of Chile. Santiago Forest Park is also one of Chile's largest and most complete park. The simulation dinosaur model was successfully installed in May, which was purchased from our company in 2014. The 2 sets of more than 20-meter giant Brachiosaurus are known as a beautiful landscape in the park, as well as 20 more sets of dinosaur clothes, dinosaur eggs, simulation stegosaurus, dinosaur skeleton model etc. displayed in the park for visitors.

Meanwhile, the park has a large prehistoric museum and 6D cinema for customers expose to the real dinosaur world. Our vivid and flexible animatronic dinosaurs received favorable comments from customers and local government. We have reached a long-term cooperation intention, and the second project will be officially launched in the next half of year.

cretaceous period dinosaurs

cretaceous dinosaurs

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