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Dinosaur Fossil for Dinosaur Museum

In June 2012, we worked with Xianzhi Zhujian Dinosaur Museum of Mount Emei. The museum is divided into outdoor lead road simulation area, dinosaur fossil skeleton exhibition area, simulation dinosaur exhibition area, recreation area and dinosaur science knowledge hall five areas.

With two large Emeisaurus skeletons in sight, you entered into the indoor dinosaur fossil skeleton exhibition area, where not only showed a large number of complete dinosaur fossil skeleton, as well as touching fossils to make you experience the dinosaur remains.

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The 12 simulated dinosaurs in the simulated dinosaur exhibition area are vivid in the relief and murals scenes, which make people immersed and like going back to the dinosaur era. The simulation animatronic dinosaurs are all made by modern science and technology. It is just like entered into a breathtaking and bloodcurdling "dinosaur world" and go to another part of the world.

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Mount Emei Xianzhi Zhujian Dinosaur Museum is an integrated vivid art hall of knowledge, scientific research, entertainment. It broadened people’s vision and riched people's cultural life. It is an important popular science base to propaganda dinosaur culture in Sichuan. It is the external classroom for teenagers to learn natural science knowledge. It is also the cultural sites for entertaining and character-molding. The public environmental protection and ecological protection awareness can also be cultivated.

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