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Animatronic Dinosaur Model for Shopping Mall

On Jan.2016, We worked with Mengwadangjia Child Theme Park in Shandong Province.

Supermarket and shopping mall are widely located in crowd-gathering place in daily life. Adults take their kids to go shopping and usually look for somewhere to rest or play. One of our company guests is a shopping mall owner. He found this idea is very common, thus he would like to build an indoor dinosaur theme park to better satisfy his customers.

Good idea shall be with the good team. Our company certainly lives up to expectations. We are OEM factory, so we are able to offer different kinds of dinosaur product and customer service.

We fully analysis of the specific circumstances, combine with customer's requirements to suggest layout and purchasing support.

According to the display dimensions and location, we mainly select interactive dinosaur amusement equipment for kids, including dinosaur ride Dilophosaurus, laying egg electric dinosaur styracosaurus,hatching dinosaur egg, animatronic dinosaur model Brachiosaurus, robotic T Rex dinosaur and some other small size dinosaurs.

About safety, don’t worry. We provide the strong ladder and seat belt to be matched with dinosaur ride for kids getting on. All equipment, if customer needs, we can offer lights and music effects to create more gorgeous fantasy and mystery. Children will feel very excited and brave as if they were riding dragon warriors or really walking across the dinosaur world.

Dinosaur Statue

The finished park appeared with many fun and lifelike dinosaur feast at last. Certainly, the installation on the site was completed by our professional team.  Customer's satisfaction is our goal!

Giant Dinosaur

“Children no longer have the uninteresting shopping experience, and their parents no longer being upset and tired when they take wild kids to go shopping”, said the director of the shopping mall smiling with his heart. Realistic dinosaur is fantastic, not only because we make them alive and let people across the Jurassic Age, but also because we make it become a door to open the heart of no matter what age of people.

We are thankful for our guests’ trust and support. The best we can do is trying to create the best experience and result.

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