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Animatronic Dinosaur for Water Park

On Nov.2011,We worked with KSL Properies Sdn Bhd in Malaysia,SL hotel is a high-end resort hotel which almost represents the highest level in Malaysia. What the most interesting point is the animatronic dinosaurs being put on the building's roof. And what’s more, dinosaurs stand by the roof water park for people to interact. It's so special and attractive, children love it most.

According to our guest requirement, which would like to build particular sight combination with dinosaurs and water park equipment, our company especially offers one-stop service for their own custom. We provide the complete process including design, production, transportation, installation and after-sales, etc. It makes our guest convenient and easy to control their project to have light-hearted purchase experience.

Of course, the most important is product, our finished product would not disappoint guest. We carefully suggest size, color, species, configuration, motion and so on to match client demand. As a result, the dinosaur park is exclusive matching and very suitable for site.

The final scene presents a vivid dinosaur world picture. This big long neck brachiosaurus is with kind look and position of looking down to well greet with people. Triceratops shakes head to flaunt his famous horns. Ankylosaur is a kind of herbivorous dinosaur. It’s perfect to put in the grass creating a foraging scenario. Everything looks interesting and peaceful. However it is troubled nearby.

life size robot dinosaur

Large Dinosaur Model

Dinosaur T-Rex and Spinosaurus, this couple of opponent appear as well. We create robot dinosaur Spinosaurus with opening mouth, showing the sharp teeth and give a poisonous look. Animatronic T-Rex keeps chillaxing as the overlord. But never ignore the terror behind the calm. The powerful shock roaring of waves seems to start a Jurassic world of the deadly fight at any moment.

dinosaur maker

Both of the two big dinosaurs are set in the middle of the pool, therefore imaging there to be fierce shouting and heavy breathing coming time to time when you swim, or suddenly a whoop of rage scare you waking from a rest. It’s such an exciting design for the specified water area.

KAWAH fantastic real size dinosaur can open the door of imagination, through time and space to bring an amazing experience to both children and adult. Vivid robotic dinosaur and realistic animatronic animal not only decorate place as exhibits but also a tool to focus popularity for any business. That means the realistic dinosaur can be used anywhere nearly. KSL hotel successfully provides better service for their guests, besides, create a hot spot to attract more people to come and make more fun. It’s no doubt a wise decision.

If you are looking for attraction, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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