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Jurassic Dinosaur

Jurassic Dinosaur

Jurassic is the second generation of the Mesozoic, in the Jurassic era, there have been caused some important events on Earth, such as dinosaurs to become land rulers, the emergence of birds, mammals began to develop, gymnosperms to the peak period, etc.

During Jurassic,there were many dinosaurs,such as

Allosaurus There has been over 20 different allosaurus skull replica finding and many are in very good shape.

Huayangosaurus The Huayangosaurus was one of the earlier plated dinosaurs which was very primitive with a broad skull and teeth in the front of its mouth.

Stegosaurus The Stegosaurus Head fossil size was very small. There was also a large open area inside the region of the spinal cord. Some scientists believe that they had a second brain that shared responsibilities and functions of the brain.

Dilophosaurus is probably the dinosaur that most commonly is mistaken for certain features of it due to Jurassic Park.

Brachiosaurus were so big that they are thought to have two hearts to be able to pump blood way up their necks.

Omeisaurus was found in the China region. It had unusual features than other in its group such as nostrils located close to the end of its nose.

Diplodocus The Diplodocus was one of the largest dinosaurs ever to be discovered. Its average size was 88ft in length.

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