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Giant Walking with Dinosaurs

Giant Walking with Dinosaurs

Giant walking dinosaur, it is a kind of animatronic dinosaurs and can walk around very smoothly and flexible. It looks so real, many visitors can not believe it is an artificial animatronic dinosaur, because of the flexible movements.
Movements with the big operation of the giant walking dinosaur as below:
1. Mouth open and close with sound.
2. Blinking Eyes.
3. Head up and down.
4. Head left and right.
5. Neck up and down
6. Neck left and right
7. Waist up and down
8. Waist left and right
9. 2 forelegs moving
10. Tail Swaying.
11. 4 Legs walking
12. Turn left and right
The size of the dinosaur will be L8m to L13m, H2.5m to H3.5m, or customized size is acceptable.
The dinosaur’s skin made of Soft silicone rubber is waterproof, sun-proof, Snow-proof, and very easy to clean.
The Giant walking dinosaurs are always placed on the Dinosaur Show, Jurassic Park, Amusement park, theme park, outdoor and indoor playground, museum, movie center, carnival, festivals, s
How long time the dinosaur can walk after a full charge?
There is Four big storage battery in animal kingdom dinosaur ride, it always can walk around 6-8 hours.

What’s production time for interactive walking dinosaur?
40 days according to the quantity.

How about the after sales service?
Normally have 12 months after sales service and lifelong technology support.

Kawah group not only provide walking dinosaur, but also provide animatronic dinosaur, dinosaur costume, dinosaur fossil, and animatronic dinosaur rides.

More questions, please contact us freely, we are always here for you!

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