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Chinese Lantern Festival

Chinese Lantern Festival

Chinese Lantern Festival is kind of the festival of Light, like animal light, dragon light, life-size dinosaur light for Chinese festival celebrated.
Main Materials: Screw, Safety Plug, Pigment, Glue, Silk, Led,
Storage Battery, Cable, Infrared Sensor, Steel Tube
Power:110/220vac 50/60hz
Features: Adapt to a temperature of -20℃ to 50 ℃.
Outdoor / Indoor amusement park, Theme parks, Carnival / Folk-Custom activities
Restaurant/shopping mall, Educational playground, Road beautification
City Plaza, Etc.

Festival of Light Workflow:
-Design: To Design according to client's requirements, such as the environments the color lantern being placed, theme, size, color, etc.

- Shaping and  Motors' Installation: Tie the color lantern frame with bamboo skin and steel wire according to the shape and size. The diameter and distance of the bamboo skin and the steel wire would be different according to the combination part and shape of the Lantern frame.

- Covering: The materials for covering color lantern are different, including the silk, cloth, nylon, paper, allophane, etc. For color lanterns indoor used, the satin cloth is necessary, which is water-proof and UV-protect, so the color can be kept for a long time.

- Assemble: Besides traditional lanterns for Mid-Autumn and Lantern festival, huge group lantern is more and more popular nowadays. The huge group lantern is composed of some parts, and the assembling is one of the main parts of the entire group lantern.

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