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Cetaceous Dinosaur

Cetaceous Dinosaur

Cretaceous Period is the geological age of the Middle Ages of the last discipline, began in 145.5 million years ago, ending 65.5 million years ago, after 79.5 million years. Is the life of the longest stage.

During this period, the continent was separated by the ocean, the earth became warm and arid. Flowering plants, the largest dinosaurs appear during the period, many new dinosaur species began to appear, dinosaurs still dominate the land, pterosaurs gliding in the sky, huge marine reptiles ruled the shallow sea. The earliest snakes, moths, and bees, as well as many new small mammals also appeared.

Triceratops The name Triceratops actually means "Three horned faces." It was named by Othniel Charles Marsh on the third try. He first named it Bison alicorns, then Ceratops, to finally later called it Triceratops.
Velociraptor Fossils were found with a Protoceratops & Raptor that seem to have been fighting when they were quickly killed. The claw of the Raptor was in the others' stomach.
Achelousaurus The Achelousaurus is a quadrupedal herbivore which means that it walked on all four legs as opposed to two legs.
Iguanodon Many Iguanodon dinosaur fossils were found in many far apart locations such as Europe, Asia, Canada, USA, and Africa.
Pachycephalosaurus The Pachycephalosaurus Large helmet on its head was originally thought to be for competition with bumping heads. This thought has been frowned upon because they would've easily been injured this way.

Olorotitan fossils have been found with nearby fossils of turtles, crocodilians, theropod dinosaurs, and nodosaurid dinosaurs.
Parasaurolophus The long tube-like crest on the Parasaurolophus has not known what its purpose is for sure. Some say that it was for thermoregulatory functions to control its temperature.
Ankylosaurus The estimated length of the Ankylosaurus is 9 meters (30 ft).
Polacanthus was first discovered in 1865 by William Fox. The same year it was named by a man by the name of Richard Owen.
Carnotaurus The closest relatives of Carnotaurus are the Aucasaurus, Majungasaurus, and Rajasaurus.

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