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Animatronic Insects

Animatronic Insects

Animatronic Insect.
Maybe we feel scared or disgusted when talking about the insects.
But our insects will be different, they are artificial Insects sculptures, with reality figure and vivid sound.
They can be cute, can be scared, we will make them according to our customer requirement.
Do you want to have one?
How do we make the insect, you must be interested in it, right?
At first, we need to use the quality Stainless steel to make the insect frame, then use high-density foam to sculpture the insect figure.
And then make the insect skin more realistic, at last need to paint the color as customer’s requirement.

How about the robotic Insect, a kind of insect with movements?
For the robotic insect, when we make the steel frame, will insert the electronic parts to have the movements of opening mouth, clinking eyes, stomach breathing, etc.

How to start the Insect model movement?

You can choose to start it with Coin-Operated, Infrared Sensor, Swiping Card, Remote Control or Initiate Button.We will make it with the one you like.
What’s your after-sale service?
All equipment from kawah group has 12 months after-sale service, and lifetime technical support.
If you want to know more details, please contact us freely, we are always here for you!

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