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Zigong Kawah Handicrafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been an integral part of the animatronic products industries since 2011.
During this period, kawah made more than 1000 dinosaur models, and we found that most of our customers would like to make the animatronic dinosaurs or animals in different period with life size. How about you? Especially the customers need the dinosaurs for park. They want to bring their visitors back to 65 million years ago. Building a Theme Park, Amusement Park, Dinosaur Park, Jurassic park or Jurassic world.
The dinosaurs are wanted to be more realistic and vivid, not only with life size, but also with realistic appearance and movements.
The movements of Animatronic Dinosaur as below:
1.Mouth open and close
with sound.
2.Blinking Eyes.
3.Head up and down.
4.Head left and right.
5.Neck up and down
6.Neck left and right
7.Waist up and down
8.Waist left and right
9. forelegs moving
10.Tail Swaying.
11.legs walking
12.turn left and right
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