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    Ankylosaurus, a herbivore which lives in Cretaceous Period(about 68-65.5 million years ago). There is thick hard scales on its top body, and two rows of thorns on its back, just like the daggers, which have strong defensive ability. It has a wide head, with a pair of horn on the top. Its tail like a golf club, four legs are short but the hindlimb longer than the forelimb, and a bulky body all these make it can only crawl slowly on the ground. Its unique appearance makes it can easily remembered by people.

    The research team led by Barnum Brown, a paleontologist from the United States, discovered the pattern fossils of the ankylosaurus (No. AMNH 5895) in 1906 in the Jillian Creek Formation, Montana. Based on the discovery, the team calculated its body length about 5 ~ 6.5 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, 1.7 meters high dinosaurs weight: 2 tons.

    Ankylosaurus is one of the most popular dinosaur in Cretaceous period, and you can  find it in every dinosaur themed park as it can be recognized easily.
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