Based on the traditional production methods, Kawah handicrafts adheres to the rigorous science and the attitude of excellence, constantly researching and innovating, trying new materials and improving the production process. It has developed a series of industries such as silicone teeth, steering gear drive and knitted dinosaur skin. Leading technology advantage, and strive to restore the most realistic Jurassic scene, to provide each customer with unique simulation artwork in the world.

* High Quality Material Selection - Steel
* High Quality Material Selection - Motor
* High Quality Material Selection - High Density Sponge
* Process Optimization - The Dinosaur Skin
Enhanced knitted skin
Enhanced knitted skin
  • Based on the optimization of traditional processes, our company has been constantly trying new materials. We use the enhanced knitted skin to replace the traditional hot-skinning technology process. The thickness of the traditional wrap core silk is about 0.2mm. But the thickness of the enhanced knitted fabric is about 1.2MM, which is six times thicker than traditional wrap core silk. The wear resistance and stretchability of the enhanced knitted fabric is much better than wrap core silk. At the same time, its lines are clearer. Every part of the skin has a shading which make the scales of the dinosaur skin more intuitive and lifelike.There's a stronger visual effect.
* Process Optimization - Eyes, Tooth
* Process Optimization - The joints, vulnerable areas
* Process Optimization - Rust Prevention, Skin Color Protection
* Process Optimization - Movement, Sound Diversity
Process optimization-Movement, sound diversity
  • The traditional product only has one set control program and sound effect. While, our product can customize over two sets control program and two or three sound effects, which makes all products have diverse movements and sound in different time and occassion. Multiple sets of action programs referes that after changing the control chip and sound storage card, movements and sound will be different, such as movements sequence, products' movement frequency and movement time( movements speed is still the same), sound effetc, adjustable volume. The chip and card can be used when pluged, so customers can replace them if needed.




As the product is the base of an enterprise, Kawah always puts the product quality in the first place. We strictly select the materials, control every production process and 19 testing procedures. All products will be made aging test over 24 hours after the dinosaur frame and finished products finished. The products' video and pictures will be sent to customer's after we finish the three steps: dinosaur frame, Artistic shaping and finished products. And products are only sent to customers when we get the customers confirmation at least three times. Moreover, Kawah's products have earned the official accreditation of ISO1990 Quality Management System .

* Quality Guarantee - Dinosaur Frame Testing
* Quality Guarantee - Electrical Testing
* Quality Guarantee - Art inspection