The client who owns a 300-hectare park in Vologda, Russia wanted to use it as a dinosaur theme entertainment park. He also wanted us to design the park for him. So we prepared 3 proposals with different dinosaurs(such as Animatronic dinosaur, dinosaur egg, dinosaur head, dinosaur ride...) for their reference.





Through continuous communication, we constantly modified and improved details several times including the dinosaur type, action patterns, quantity, size, transportation and other important things. Then they made finial decision and placed order to us. We have also purchased hundreds of simulation trees for this client to decorate park scene. After more than one month of production and quality inspection, all products were delivered to the designated destination by sea.





Our installation team arrived in Russia at the beginning of May and successfully completed the installation in less than a month. Working alongside with their marketing teams at this park.






Finally The dinopark opened in 2017, with more than 35 pieces of real dinosaur models. The lifelike dinosaurs won a great reputation among the visitors. This park attracts 10,000 visitors every day. This successful dinosaur park project has deepened our cooperation. And gave us highly praise on company strength, technology, service and so on.






If you are also planning to build an entertainment dinosaur park, we are happy to help you, please feel free to contact us.