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Walking With Crocodile

“Watch out! The Crocodile is coming!" Lisa was shouting at me when I just turned around. Oh, my gosh! A crocodile was coming close to me step by step. Not until this terrible animal suddenly turned away did I come back to myself. Lisa grinned and looked at me. In a minute, I realized that it was an animatronic crocodile. The creeping crocodile with horrible teeth and lifelike body is so real that I can’t believe it’s an animatronic model.

an animatronic crocodile

an animatronic model

Lisa told me it was the new product our company updated. The technical staff was testing the new machine model. The crocodile was creeping with mouth open and its tail waving. Its body which was covered by pieces of prominence looked hard and lifelike. Yet it feels soft and flexible. Its abdomen clung to ground walking by four wheels. So did its arms and legs. Because of its reality, the crocodile model can silently get close to people and give them a big surprise. I have to say you will be terrified of it. But also, this machine probably makes a lot of fun. Just enjoy the surprise time!

new machine model animatronic model

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