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Upgraded Animatronic Talking Tree for amusement park delivered to United states

It is been a several days from this time I shared the new tree man to you, because I was working overtime to finish one another realistic dinosaurs costume order, the client is from United States, and we have to talk and negotiate more specially in order to guarantee the high quality, the Tree man is prepared for an amusement park, so we are willing to provide a super high quality one to make the amusement to be crowed under the spotlight in the party.

Realistic dinosaur costume


The effect is surpassing all of our imagination, you can see the scene yourself, the funny Animatronic Talking Tree is smiling at anyone who looks at him. And with the help of the speak inside its body, he could sing an English children's song. While he is singing the song, you can see his mouth is opening and closing. And his funny head is waving, too. His branches with the leaves are swinging as if he is welcoming the children to come and play!

funny Animatronic Talking Tree

tree man for an amusement park

Finally, the tree man is packed into the air crate, it needs to rest for a while, days later the tree man will wake up, and stretch out his branches arms to welcome the children to come and play with him, and now it is on the way to be delivered to the client in United states!

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