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Turkey customers’visit to our factory

China has an old saying,” It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar.” So it is. Last week our customers from Turkey just visit our factory.We thank for their coming and we have a pleasant talk with each other. It's my pleasure to introduce our factory and products for them. That's a wonderful and impressing experience of me. Of course, our products do not disappoint them.

our customers from Turkey just visit our factory

They check quite a few animatronic dinosaurs and inquire questions about different kinds of products. One of them is attracted by a Walking Animatronic Dinosaur. He points at it and says it's his first time to see such a great dinosaur in China. We thank for their praise, certainly we need work hard to improve ourselves continually. They are surprised and we appreciate their suggestion to make production more perfect.

animatronic dinosaurs

Then they communicate with our factory bosses and talk about further details.We believe that this satisfying visit is a good beginning of our two company cooperation.
With a field visit, our client can really see the factory and product. This will bring you real experience that you never have.
Welcome to Kawah! We look forward to your coming!

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