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The World's Largest Dinosaur Model is Built in the South of Argentina

Do you know where the world's largest dinosaur model is? The answer is Argentina. The world's first dinosaur entity model is located in the southern Trelew City, and will become one of the tourist attractions of the city in the future. Strictly speaking, this model is really hard to get. It was made in Germany, which cost 2 million pesos, and finally shipped to Argentina by nine containers.

As long as you drive through No.3 highway and enter the city of Trelew, you can see the giant dinosaur, which is 40 meters long, 20 meters high and 16 hectares full.

With this huge amount of spending, the mayor Adrian Maderna specifically stated that 350 thousand peso of them were the municipal development funds from the municipal government. and the other 250 thousand comes from other land development fees.

In addition, the Director of the Local Tourism Bureau, Monica Montes Roberts, made a more detailed explanation. She pointed out that in general, such large and unprecedented municipal expenditure, many companies will also co sponsor, such as Egidio Feruglio foundation and other institutions. The provincial government of Chubut province also offered great support, so that the large dinosaur model could be completed as scheduled.

Why chose to put a large dinosaur model in the provinces of Chubut province? The reason is very simple, because until now, the most complete and largest dinosaur fossils found in the world are in the Las Plumas area of the province, located on the west side of Trelew city. As a result, many archaeologists and researchers believe that more dinosaur fossils must be buried underground in Chubut province. If the whole number is unearthed, it may become the largest and most precious theme park in the world.

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