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Technical Parameters And Types of Electric Animal Ride

A: Main technical parameters of electric animal ride:

1. Specification: the length is 120, the width is 60, and the height is 90.
2. The material is national standard thickening steel, thickened glass steel, flame-retardant plush, high quality leather, large seating space, which can ride both adults and children.
3. Imported motor is more durable, more stable and reliable.
4. Use external flash. Red and blue alternating flashing lights are located in the limbs and head, with music beating, it is bright as stars at night, dazzling. Electric animal ride is deeply loved by children.
5. Music box: adopt the most advanced music box of timing music, a hundred music / children's songs freely downloaded, random play, so that the marching is full of cheerful notes, so it is loved by the children and the pursued by the operators.
6. Timer: timing can be adjusted at random, the time is 0-9 minutes, and with emergency stop switch, which is convenient and safe.
7. Remote control: add long distance remote control device to facilitate better management and control in Park Plaza playground.
8. Flame-retardant plush, do not fade, do not remove velvet, is removable for cleaning and maintenance, so the product will maintain lasting charm.

B. Several types and features of electric animal ride

1. Common type: digital control box, automatic timing, counter, color lamp, circuit protector, 12V and 30W protector, 12V and 30A motor, fast and slow gear, PU transparent wear wheel, maximum load of 60 kilograms.
2. Common reinforcement type: domestic DC deceleration motor, chord music, seven color flash, circuit protector, PU transparent wear wheel, automatic timing, maximum load of 100 kilograms, with 12 volts 12 ampere battery.
3. New intelligent additive: strengthen the super thick fuselage, full digital control, full automatic timing, MP3 player, line protector, seven color flash lamp, counter, high grade flame retardant wool, 12V and 60W super strong imported motor, use advanced transmission shaft technology, fast and slow gear with speed regulation, match with famous brand super durable electric bottle, PU transparent wear wheel, maximum load The weight is 120 kilos.
4. Out of print reinforcement type: 12V and 80W imported motor, the maximum speed of 100 meters per minute can reach 100 meters, using advanced transmission shaft technology, the maximum load up to 130 kilograms, with fast and slow gear, stepless speed change, MP3 (card), bass player, seven color flash, circuit protector, meter, remote control, PU transparent wear wheel, automatic timing, 12V and 20A maintenance-free battery.
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