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Taking an ID card to Attend the Party of Insect Tribes

The bright-colored dung beetles, the pretty and dazzling heaven swallowtail, the long-arm longicorn with huge body, which are honored”TOP OF THE WORLD”, will present in the biggest Asian insect museum—Chengdu Huaxi Insect Museum run by the local people on May 10th.

In the morning today, Chengdu Huaxi Insect Museum which is located in Mount Qingcheng, Dujiangyan has held official opening ceremony already and will be from free admission since the day. The citizens can enter into the museum to enjoy the views of thousands of rare and precious insects by taking effective certificates like ID card, and can attend the “party” of insect tribes.

It has the most complete classification and it exhibits 20 thousand insects.

Entering the museum, the unusually beautiful butterfly specimens immediately came into the eye, and all kinds of insect collections were displayed neatly in the cabinet. The glamorous specimen, the magnificent color and the ever-changing appearances will make visitors glut their eyes.

Zhaoxi, the vice president of museum, said that“ At present, there are nearly 20 thousand valuable and rare specimens of insects, which are 95% coming from Sichuan”. Huaxi Insect Museum is the biggest museum run by the local people in Asia, and it has the most complete variety of insects in nation. In the museum, there are several thousand treasury insects including the species of butterflies and ornamental insects in Mount Qingcheng and exotic insects from all over the world that have never been exhibited in China.

In addition, the museum also has a movie therater to project the insects and giant simulation model of insects which are composed of butterfly trees and butterfly column that are made of several thousand famous species of ornamental butterflies in Mount Qingcheng, as well as the huge simulation insect  model according to equal proportion of material objects to be magnified accurately.
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