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Sincere Cooperation with Turkey customers

Several days ago, customers from Turkey visited our company. I have to say it’s full of friendship and sincerity.

customers from Turkey visited our company

Our company warmly welcomed their coming. They are interested in our products, such as realistic dinosaurs costume and Walking Dinosaur Ride. They are the CEO of an entertainment company and they have made a plan for their project. We discussed and communicated for two days. As a result, we reached a consensus according to their requirement and made a deal successfully. Both of us hope this cooperation can be the beginning of us.

Dinosaur Costume and Walking Dinosaur Ride

As the host, we invite them to taste the local cuisine and experience the local culture.
To our surprise, our Turkey friends brought us a gift of Turkey traditional food. We are thankful for the sincerity.

Sincere Cooperation with Turkey customers

Now we have started orderly production. With good credibility, Kawah people will make good quality production which worthy your trust.

Zigong Kawah Handicraft Manufacturing Co,. Ltd

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