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Resurrection Dinosaurs with 3D printing and VR Technology

It is understood that the Leaellynasaura was native to Australia, lived more than 110 million years ago. Students from the mechatronics Department of the nearby Deakin University will check the bone fragments to create a digital 3D model of the dinosaurs. Subsequently, the model will be printed out and displayed at the national Wool Museum.

Ben Hornan, director of Deakin VR laboratory, said that in order to successfully educate and entertain visitors to the museum, the project participants will enable 3D to print the dinosaurs as much as possible and realistic. In order to "revive" dinosaurs, experts plan to build a special VR laboratory. This experience allows museum visitors to walk into the excavation site. When they touch the virtual dinosaur bones through VR helmet, they will touch the 3D print model of dinosaurs, and the surface of the model is covered with realistic skin texture.

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These lifelike 3D printing skins will be based on the scales of an eastern blue tongue lizard that is still alive today, and the extinct leinosaurus scales are very similar to the scales of this animal. "We scanned a lizard in the eastern bluetongue, and now it is printing its scales in 3D. After the printing, we will consult the bluetongue lizard expert which can best represent the Blue Lizard and then use it on the dinosaur model. "

The VR experience will also allow visitors to see and track a fully animated dinosaur. The dinosaur will be wandering in a virtual and partial Habitat Based on the local botanical garden.
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