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Realistic group of dinosaurs

Our company is over 10,000 Square meters wide. At the square of our company, we build a group of dinosaurs scene. They are lifelike and carefree to live here.

a group of dinosaurs scene

Wuerhosaurus is chewing its favorite plant. Brachiosaurus stretches out his long neck to reach the tender leaf on the trees. Carnotaurus opens his mouth just looking around. Pterosaurs prepares to fly with wings outspread. At this moment, a tyrannosaurus rex is eyeing at all, waiting for the best moment to hunt.

Wuerhosaurus Brachiosaurus tyrannosaurus rex

All that seems to be the real prehistory period.
They can move and roar as the same creature. We use advanced technology to make these high simulation animatronic dinosaurs for sale. They are vivid and flexible in details and also with durable quality.
Because of the reality, our dinosaurs can be used for anywhere you want.
Let's open the imagination to build funny scene of dinosaur together with human being.

Kawah dinosaur is looking forward to the cooperation with you!
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