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Production of Fiberglass Dinosaur Sculpture

Fiberglass dinosaur sculpture is a very common type of sculpture nowadays. Many dinosaur sculptures are placed in various places to attract people's attention. Of course, the first thing of fiberglass dinosaur sculpture production is, of course, the design, which should take many factors into consideration.

The characteristics of fiberglass and process are the problems that need to pay attention.  After the design of fiberglass dinosaur sculpture is completed, then it is the time to make the mold. First of all, use mud to make an original mold, and then coat the silicone rubber on the top of the original mold. The thickness of silica gel is generally around a millimeter, waiting for silica gel to get cross-linking, then lay a three-millimeter fiberglass layer on the silica gel. When the fiberglass layer is solidified, divide the mold into several parts. The silicon rubber layer should be cut together when cutting. In each block, the connecting ribs should be made. Positioning grooves should be installed at the ribs to ensure that the subsequent connections can be accurately connected, so each piece can be connected together. Demould the fiberglass blocks and remove the silicone rubber layer, which should be immediately returned to the fiberglass dies. After that, each demoulding fiberglass mold is combined into a whole shape, and finally, a glass-steel dinosaur sculpture is formed. After the splicing of fiberglass dinosaur sculptures, we have to wear and polish the outside of the fiberglass dinosaur sculptures so that we can get the most popular one.

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