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New products! Beautiful and amazing Dinosaurs Costume for Stage Show!

Hi!There! We have finished a few pieces of new product and delivery soon. Let's share together!
These are a few pieces of realistic dinosaurs costume which are customized according to customer's request. Very cool! Aren't they?

a few pieces of dinosaur costume

The three dinosaur costumes, two different Velociraptors and one Huaxiagnathus are both used for stage performances and are made with high quality and intensive work.

three dinosaur costumes two different Velociraptors and one Huaxiagnathus

Especially the blue Velociraptor dinosaur costume, we dye it according to the sky. The base of color is sky blue and less white. In the position of the eyes, we use red color, which like a round sun hung in the sky. It looks very beautiful and amazing! In addition, we also design the cartoon image for this costume. We believe that the performance will be like by the children very much!

blue Velociraptor dinosaur costume

We make the dinosaurs with lifelike appearance, flexible motion, high degree of simulation. Due to our customer's venue is limited, there's a little difference from the past which is the change of the length. In general, it is unified to 4 meters. This time it is only 3 meters. Thus, it is more convenient for the actor on the stage of operation.
If you have any good ideas and requirements, welcome to contact us!

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