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KAWAH 20 meters T-Rex dinosaur Production Process

We have finished a 20 meters long Jurassic Park Animatronic  T-rex Dinosaur for Oman Muscat Park. Here is the detailed production process:

Jurassic Park Animatronic T-rex Dinosaur

We use high-quality steel frame to form the internal structure of dinosaurs to guarantee it’s robust.

Art workers are using high-density sponge to carve out the basic form of the dinosaur.

Oman Muscat Park

All our dinosaur models are pure handmade.

handmade dinosaur models

T-rex dinosaur

The workers are painting to make the dinosaur skin more realistic.

dinosaur skin realistic

We will paint it three times or more to assure the dinosaur look greatly vivid and durable.

dinosaur greatly vivid and durable

At  last ,T-rex dinosaur finished.

The high simulation T-rex dinosaur can finfish blinking their eyes 、opening mouth 、foreleg swinging 、shaking their heads、waving tails so that bringing visitors a new visual sensory stimulation.animatronics dinosaurs for sale
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