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How are the Animatronics Dinosaurs Made?

Although dinosaurs were already extinct on the earth, when it comes to it, children will give the rein to their imagination and draw a variety of shapes and figures. Dinosaurs are undoubtedly one of the enduring protagonists in every child’s childhood memories. Big and small dinosaur models are also "regular guests" in children's parks or parent-child malls.
Standing outside the production factory of Zigong national high-tech industrial development zone, the roar of the monsters can be heard in the distance, when walking into the factory seemed to pass through the Jurassic era. The spacious production factory is full of all kinds of mechanical dinosaurs that are being made in production, and there are more than 20 meters of Tylosaurus, evil-eyed tyrannosaurus rex, the Ankylosaurus with armor... Hundreds of workers have been making and polishing these robotic dinosaurs according to a different division of labor. According to the introduction, a finished product simulation dinosaurs takes 10 manufacturing process until, it finally appeared in front of an audience, from the 3D framework design, manufacturing, modeling, plasticity, flipping lines, spray on the base of color, spays color, packaging, transportation and finally to the on-site installation. Animatronics dinosaurs for sale at Kawah with competitive price and high quality.

In addition to being realistic in physical appearance, the drive controls the movements of the front legs, neck, eyes, mouth, tail, breathing, and body tilt of the dinosaur, in order to make the dinosaur more dynamic. "According to different requirements, each driver controls the different motion joints of the dinosaurs, and more than a dozen parts of the movement can be reached, after finish the 3D design, the worker will make the frame and joint welding according to the drawing, and then the driver will be connected to the site for debugging.” said by Ren Shuying, the driving control technician.
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