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Giant Mechanical Dinosaur Animatronic

A legendary billionaire in Australia plans to build a theme park "Titanic II", which will be a world of 165 giant mechanical dinosaurs.

Last month, the mining tycoon Clive Palmer released this grand plan. He said that he had ordered more than 100 real size mechanical dinosaurs from China, and they will be transported to the northern Australian tourist area.

"We will have the largest dinosaur exhibition park in the world," Palmer said. At present, he has purchased two giant mechanical dinosaurs, named Geoff and Bond respectively, in the exhibition of Palmer cool forest resort in Sunshine Coast of North Brisbane. He claimed it was an unprecedented theme park. 

It is reported that Palmer ordered the mechanical dinosaurs up to 7 meters high and weighs more than 1.2 tons, which are capable of swinging tail, moving limbs, their eyes can sparkle and shine and are expected to arrive at the end of April. The legendary mining tycoon made a lot of money in the mining industry. He said that the construction of Titanic II theme park was because he wanted to spend his savings before his death.

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