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Four years anniversary of KAWAH

Our Kawah manufacturer has been 4 years old ! On Aug 9th 2011, A young man named Yannis Li and his elder brother set up a little company to make dinosaur models and realistic dinosaurs costume for people entertainment. After four years hard-working, the little company who only had five workers has become a large company who has 60 workers and has 100 pics dinosaur production capacity. We are all proud as a kawah staff.

Kawah manufacturer 4 years old

In the early evening today, we kawah men hold a dinner party. All of the staff get on the party on time. And first our boss LiQiang made a speech.

kawah men a dinner party Li Qiang made a speech

He thanked all of workers. And made a bow to all of us. We are all moved.

make dinosaur models and dinosaur costume for people entertainment

60 workers and has 100 pics dinosaur production capacity

After the speech, people all hold up their wine glasses to make a toast for a long live and glory of our company. Everyone all has a good time!

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