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First Exhibition of Kawah in Abu Dhabi

On Dec 9th, we attend the China trade week exhibition in Abu Dhabi. It is first time we Kawah handcraft manufacture Co. Ltd to attend such a big exhibition. We are preparing for this exhibition for three months. My boss Yannis LI and I attend this exhibition as a representative.

China trade week exhibition

We arrived Abu Dhabi in the morning. After a short breakfast, we hurried to get ready for the exhibition. We brought a Riding Dinosaur to the exhibition this time. The dinosaur has already arrived when we got to exhibition hall. We carefully take our dinosaur out of the wooden box and installed the control box and power switch. Then the dinosaur is ready to show!

Kawah handcraft manufacture Co. Ltd

The exhibition lasts three days. During the exhibition, we not only sold our cute riding dinosaur, but also get a great reputation from exhibitors. A lot of businessmen exchange business card and contact Information with us. Some of the clients even make an order to us. They are shocked by our products and kept asking us how we did our productions. At the last day of the exhibition, Abu Dhabi local TV station come to interview our boss. Oh, my god! That is my first word when I saw this! It is so proud to be a Kawah man!

 cute riding dinosaur

This exhibition gives us an opportunity to let foreigner client to meet our amazing art treasure, and also implies our short experience on exhibition. I think with more exhibition in the future, we will learn more!

Abu Dhabi local TV station come to interview our boss

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