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Dinosaur Model Exhibition Held in Zhangzhou

"Dinosaurs Coming - the large-scale dinosaur exhibition of returning to the Jurassic Park" opened in South Tai Wu Mountain Ecological Park, Zhangzhou Development Zone. There is 40 vivid simulations of living dinosaurs meeting with tourists. With the shock of visual effects, it led us to stimulate the thrilling "dinosaur world", which is enthusiastically embraced by thousands of parents and teenage friends.

The "Grand Rally" of 40 dinosaur animatronic for sale                                          

In the South Tai Wu Mountain Ecological Park, the scene gathered 40 giant simulation dinosaurs, including Mamenchisaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Round horn dinosaur, Wrist Dinosaur, Oviraptor and so on dozens of different types of dinosaurs, which is called the unprecedented "dinosaurs' big party." Among them, the largest Huanghe Dragon is up to 18 meters.

From the tame, lovely herbivorous dinosaurs, to ferocious meat-eating dinosaurs, from the giant wrist dinosaur to the nimble-agile pterodactyl, these High-tech dinosaur models were enthusiastically sought after by friends of all sizes.

Dinosaur models using advanced voice control and far-infrared technology, supplemented by sound, electricity and other means of display, as long as someone into the range of induction, "dinosaurs" will move up to greet, and even send a welcome cry. Most dinosaurs will Santo and roar. Tourists are here taking photos with the dinosaur models and dinosaur eggs, leaving a close contact with the prehistoric Beast Memorial.
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