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Chengdu Dinosaur Exhibition

Dinosaur Exhibition In Chengdu.There are dozens of KAWAH animatronic dinosaurs/Bug attracted many tourists attentions.Especially,Animatronic Triceraptor Dinosaur.

Dinosaur Exhibition In Chengdu

Life size Robotic T-Rex Dinosaur, it is very vivid appearance and movements,such as Mouth open and close with synchronized sound,head left and right, neck up and down,eyes blink and so on.

 KAWAH animatronic dinosaurs/Bug

At the Exhibition, also have the vivid animatronic Bug, giant Centipede Insect with Movements.very attractive.

Life size Robotic T-Rex Dinosaur

Animatronic Crab

Animatronic Crab

If you are also love it, or need it to placed in park or for Exhibition, dinosaur animatronics for sale welcome contact us freely.
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