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The Product Description of the Animatronics Dinosaurs on ride.

1. The dinosaur for ride is about 2 meters long, 0.45 meters wide and about 0.5 meters tall.
2. Conventional size amusement kid ride on dinosaur equipment: 1.5 meters to 3.5 meters (size can be customized by the user).
3. Movements of riding dinosaurs: music, walking.
4. Main parts of walking dinosaur products: lead acid battery, DC 12V (with 220V charger 1) remote control start (a remote control one) variable speed handle, forward, back switch.
5. Color and style of animatronics dinosaur: customized according to customer needs.
6. Animatronics dinosaur material: metal steel frame, high density fireproof flame retardant sponge, silicone glue skin graft, motor, sponge, silicone rubber.
7. Use of animatronics dinosaur car: commercial streets, shopping malls, parks, amusement parks. Detailed description:
1. Each dinosaur car exhibits accessories includes remote control, battery, speaker, controller, bearing and steel frame.
2. Dinosaur cars are suitable for commercial streets, shopping malls, parks, amusement parks and other venues. The use period is about 3-5 years (excluding mechanical transmission, years for reference).
3. We use high quality metal steel to make animatronics dinosaur internal supporting steel frame.
4. Use high quality motor and electrical components to control dinosaur exhibits to achieve a durable and flexible effect.
5. Use modern simulation theory to simulate the real dinosaur's skin texture and color processing, which can achieve realistic shape and action coordination.

China amusement kid ride on dinosaur manufacturer, Kawah, is an experienced supplier of animatronic dinosaur. 
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