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A Great Number of Simulation Dinosaurs Came to Tianjin

With the advent of Jurassic World, a large-scale simulation of the dinosaur exhibition was held at the tropical botanical garden of Tianjin in the summer. The ferocious tyrannosaurus rex, the slender brachiosaurus, the Quetzalcoatlus of the tropical rain forest, put you in a real-life "Jurassic park", and let you truly experience the scene in the Jurassic world movie, and have a "through time and space dialogue" with the dinosaurs.

The dinosaur animatronic for sale at Kawah is welcomed by dinosaur museums for exhibition.

At the tropical botanical garden yesterday, just entering the park, two large dinosaurs came into view and gave a low-deep roar. There are more than thirty kinds of high simulation dinosaur exhibits being exhibiting in this exhibition, such as Rapator, Hadrosaurs, tyrannosaurs Rex, Ankylosaurus, Ridgeback, Dilophosaurus, Psittacosaurus and so on. The length of their bodies is up to more than 10 meters and the height is up to 5 meters.They are scattered in every corner of the park. All the simulated dinosaurs on display were made of high emulated rubber, as vivid as life. Their heads, tails, limbs and even eyes were able to move freely. When visitors come near, they will make different calls. In particular, there are several dinosaurs that can interact with people in varying degrees. Touching its head or other parts of the body will give you a special treat to feel like it's just a "dog".

The exhibition aims to get more tourists, especially children, to get close to the dinosaurs, and learn about the habits of dinosaurs in the Triassic, Jurassic and cretaceous periods, and learn how to distinguish between plant-eating dinosaurs and carnivorous dinosaurs. The dinosaur exhibition ends on August 23, and the kids are coming to the botanical garden to take a journey through time and space.

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