Science of the simulating dinosaurs



Dinosaurs were a type of reptile from the Mesozoic era (230 million years ago). Their lithe limbs, long tail, and large body are the reflection of most dinosaurs.They mainly inhabit forest or open areas on lakeshore plains (or coastal plains).






Dinosaur simulation is the use of modern science and technology means, according to the dinosaur fossil computer restoration pictures to make a real dinosaur.The reconstruction of the imitation of the appearance of dinosaurs, modeling, movement, and other aspects are very lifelike, lifelike shape, action lifelike.Simulation of dinosaurs can be more intuitive, more vivid let people understand the dinosaurs restore the ancient dinosaur era style.Simulation of dinosaurs can learn about dinosaurs directly.




Dynamic mechanical dinosaur, the adoption steel dinosaur support, plus, mechanical transmission, with high-density sponge stereo, processed muscle part of dinosaurs,and then joined on muscle fiber, increase the intensity of the dinosaur skin, finally after diluted with silicone brush evenly to the dinosaur is formed on the muscles of the skin,spray-on color again, finally embedded control program, so that a complete simulation dinosaur came out.Such a dinosaur can do eyes, head, mouth, neck, claws, abdomen, legs, tail and other actions plus the right call is very vivid!