Production of animatronics dinosaurs



The rapid development of animatronics dinosaurs in recent years and the mysterious beast in ancient times not only bring us the value of research, but also the value of appreciation.


The three major processes for the animatronics dinosaurs:


1. The production of animatronics dinosaur skeleton.


According to the original dinosaur computer restoration map, the animatronics dinosaur model can be made. The interior is supported by steel structure, using steel to make dinosaur stents and welding with durable steel to produce the internal scaffold structure of lifelike dinosaurs. Then add mechanical control device and transmission device, which makes the basic shape of dinosaurs.





2. The shape of the animatronics dinosaur.


First of all, sponge is used to fill the inner bracket and make the frame part of the dinosaur muscle to complete the basic shaping.Secondly, the basic framework of the dinosaur is made of silica gel, and the dinosaur model is made through the computer restoration map, forming the outer skin of the simulation dinosaur. Finally, the paint is painted on the surface of the animatronics dinosaur surface. This process is very important and should be applied to the whole parts of the aniamtronics dinosaurs very evenly. Thus a lifelike animatronics dinosaur is made.






3. Finally, put the control program into the body of animatronics dinosaurs.


let the animatronics dinosaur like a fire dinosaur that can move. Use modern science and technology to simulate the action of real dinosaurs,use electronic sound control to simulate the real sound of dinosaur, which can make the animatronics dinosaur alive. Finally,the animatronics dinosaur production was completed.






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