Kiddie dinosaur rides



Kiddie dinosaur rides is an electric toy which integrates children's toys, plush toys, children's cars, entertainment cars and electric cars.

It is mainly used cat, dog, cow, little bear, pleasant goat serials and other animals and cartoon animation as the model.The appearance of electric animal ride uses the high grade Pv cashmere fabric as the textile material, the wheel of the animal model uses the electric Bob as the energy source for the children's recreational plush toy.It is lovely and vivid in a variety of styles. Electric animal ride uses MP3 stereo player, which has 6 fixed nursery rhymes and can be downloaded arbitrarily.3 sets of high brightness color lights and 5 sets of high brightness color lights can be installed on the head and legs.










One of the color lights can flash in standby state, and the manual control switch can be forward or back. There are three ways to start: remote control, manual and coin feeding.

Kiddie dinosaur rides is designed for children over the age of 4.The kiddie dinosaur rides adopts a brand-new intelligent 9999 counter, which can be counted repeatedly. For the coin machine, 1 to 5 coins can be set at random; in 40 minutes, the time can be set at random.The operation of electric animal rides is simple, its riding is convenient.Children over 5 years old can operate independently, they can control forward, back, stop, turn; the inside of the front foot has fast and slow two gear, so it can adjust speed.