Kawah animatronic dinosaur became popular all over the world



"Roar", "head Around", "left Hand", "performance" ... Standing in front of the computer, to give instructions to the microphone,the front of a dinosaur mechanical skeleton makes the corresponding action according to the instructions.

Zigong Kawah animatronics dinosaurs manufacturer at present, not only are the real dinosaurs being popular, but also the fake dinosaurs.Simulation Dinosaur is currently exported to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom more than 40 countries and regions.





In addition, the team also designed dialogic dinosaurs. The dinosaurs can talk with people as long as they're programmed, for example, "Hello, my name is, I am from, etc., can be easily achieved both in Chinese and English ".There are also the somatosensory dinosaurs, that is, the use of existing somatosensory technology, to achieve the interaction between dinosaurs and people.






The completion of a simulation dinosaur needs to go through computer design, mechanical production, electronic debugging, skin production, programming and other 5 major steps.

With the development of new materials, the mechanical skeleton of the simulation dinosaur mainly uses an aluminum alloy, stainless steel and so on, and the epidermis mostly uses silica gel.In order to highlight the "simulation" effect, the producer will add a drive device in the dinosaur joints to let the dinosaurs move,such as blinking, abdominal telescopic simulation breathing, hand-claw joint flexion, and extension. At the same time, producers also add sound effects to the dinosaurs, simulating the roar.