Introduce some popular dinosaurs to our children


Children are always curious about the world, especially the former dinosaur world. When children see dinosaurs on TV or the book, What do you tell them about the dinosaurs?This article will introduce you several most popular dinosaurs according to relevant educational experiences.

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex (often called T. rex or colloquially T-Rex)

Type Characteristics: Huge, fierce face with a big mouth, stand & walk

Analytical Education:(Get along with each other)Tyrannosaurus Rex is the hegemon in the dinosaur century. It is the most ferocious dinosaur, but you can't learn to be a bully. You must learn to live in peace with other people.





2.  Triceratops

Type Characteristics:There are three horns on the head, four limbs walking on the ground.

Analytical Education:(Use tools)The Triceratops use its three horns as weapons to attack the enemy. We also need to know how to use tools in our lives, such as eating with chopsticks or spoon, reading books, etc. Of course, it is forbidden to attack others.





3. Pterosaur

Type Characteristics:The dinosaurs flying in the sky.

Analytical Education:(study well)The pterosaur is the dinosaur that can fly in the sky. Because it has a pair of wings. We also can learn science and culture knowledge at school. In the future, you will become a pilot and fly like a pterosaur in the sky.





4. Raptor

Type characteristics:It looks like a small Tyrannosaurus Rex, standing & walking, running very fast.

Analytical Education:(Quick action)In our lives, we must act as fast as the Raptor. For example, getting up and doing homework can't be delayed. Looking at animatronic dinosaur for sale of our company, I also feel them live, dancing on the earth again.






5. Ankylosaurus

Type Characteristics:There is a thick layer of skin on the back and head, and it also has spikes. Four limbs walking on the ground.

Analytical Education:(protect yourself)Ankylosaurus knows how to protect himself. When there is an enemy attack, he can protect himself with thick skin and counterattack the enemy with a spike. We also need to protect ourselves in daily life, for example, crossing the road and paying attention to strangers according to regulations.





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