Do you know these about dinosaurs?



Learn by doing. That always brings more for us. Below I get some infos about dinosaurs to share with you.

1. Incredible longevity.

Palaeontologists estimate some dinosaurs could live more than 300 years! When I learned that I was surprised in their longevity.This was based on dinosaurs as cold-blooded animals. If they were warm-blooded, generally could live for 75 years.




2. Which one will run faster between dinosaur and human?

The fact is Bolt running faster than tyrannosaurus rex. Did you guess it? Computer calculated the tyrannosaurus rex running at a speed of up to 29 km per hour.This speed is faster than most humans. Famous sprinter Bolt running speed can reach 44 kilometers per hour.

3. Can Tyrannosaurus rex and stegosaurus really have a meeting?

The scientist will tell you that Tyrannosaurus rex and Stegosaurus did not exist at the same time. Even though, they appeared in the scene of film at the same time.That’s the fact that T-rex lived at the Jurassic while stegosaurus lived at the cretaceous.





4. “Dinosaurs” were alive today.

It sounds unbelievable but the research shows that dinosaur is closely related with the birds. Some scientists believe that some of dinosaurs evolved into the ancestors of modern birds.Some scientists put forward that there's relationship between the dinosaur and crocodile ancestors since they lived in the same age.Looking at animatronic dinosaur for sale of our company, I also feel them live, dancing on the earth again.