Detailed introduction of animatronics dinosaurs model



Our company is a professional animatronics dinosaurs model manufacturer, we provide professional production, rental sales and custom rental for animatronics dinosaurs.

We can also provide commercial exhibition large animatronics dinosaurs production and rental and other related animatronic products and customization.All the animatronics dinosaurs for sales in our company are lifelike.

In addition to the animatronics dinosaurs for festival celebration, our animatronics dinosaurs are also widely used for the exhibition company to simulate the dinosaur model exhibition, the electronic simulation of the dinosaur performance in the theme park and the amusement park, the dinosaur propaganda of the electronic mechanical simulation of the scenic area, the educational model of dinosaur historical research the Jurassic period, the large-scale simulation of the dinosaur business, the celebration of the dinosaur activities, the new year's Eve and the Lantern Festival, and the anniversary celebration of the dinosaur promotion. Because the modeling of the animatronics dinosaur and the skin touch are very realistic, and the animatronics dinosaur model can install motor in the body, move, make sound, and add the various special effects that the customer wants at the same time, making the animatronics dinosaur model bring unexpected sensation with no matter what kind of application! 

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Features of animatronics dinosaur model product: 

1. Animatronics dinosaur model is installed in the body of the motor or cylinder, and after electricity can meet the various action requirements and special effects as customers' requirements. 
2. Large animatronics dinosaur is modeling lifelike, it is attractive in the outdoor exhibition and the visual impact is relatively large. 
3. Because dinosaurs once ruled the earth for 200 million years. Animatronics dinosaurs have the effects of history education, publicity and exhibitions, which will be very sensational.   


Optional action and function of animatronics dinosaur model:

1. The head and neck parts of animatronics dinosaur model can swing up and down.
2. The mouth of the animatronics dinosaurs open and close, along with the animatronics dinosaur roaring sound effects.
3. Blinking, breathing and other details of the animatronics dinosaurs make the dinosaur model more realistic.
4. Animatronics dinosaurs can walk.