Customized products for Korean customers.



As of July 18, 2021, we have finally completed the production of dinosaur models and related customized products for Korean customers. The products are sent to South Korea in two batches. The first batch is mainly animatronics dinosaurs, dinosaur bands, dinosaur heads, and animatronics ichthyosaur products. The second batch of goods are mainly animatronics crocodile, riding dinosaurs, walking dinosaurs, talking trees, dinosaur eggs, dinosaur head skeleton, dinosaur battery cars, animatronics fish and a batch of artificial trees for decoration.
Due to the large variety of products and the relatively large quantity of this order, and Customers also added products during production, so the production cycle took more than a month. This client created an entertainment venue in the mall. There are entertainment spaces for children, themed cafes, and dinosaur shows. Our products will bring many surprises to customers.