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How to Make the Animatronic Dinosaur

Making an Animatronic Dinosaur with 6 Steps

Step 1:  Dinosaur sketch, design the program of the movement.


Step 2: Metal frames with anti-rust, install electric parts.


Aging test will run for 72 hours on the mechanical and electrical before carrying on the following steps.

Step 3: Preliminary Shaping(Covering)

Incise original sponge into suitable parts, assembled and pasted to cover the finished steel frame. Preliminarily make the model shape.
All sponge pasted firmly with suitable length, width and thickness accord with required. The arthrosis and muscle parts with the different density of the sponge to make it more realistic.

Step 4: Carving Skin Pattern

Sculpting sponge surface to have skin pattern with a soldering iron according to different product requires.
The skin pattern's thickness, depth is conformed to the specific type as requirements.

Step 5: Brushing Silicone Rubber

Brushing silicone rubber and pasted the silk on the skin pattern surface. It makes skin strong and elastic to simulate the real one.

Step 6: Painting

According to required color style, firstly mixing the specified colors and then painted on the different layers.
Colors  are painted correctly and evenly, style and pattern are in accords with required, After being dry, must do the test of 100 hours aging process to debug

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